Thursday, April 12, 2012

Peek at the Nursery!

So I finally took a decent camera into Macy's nursery for some pics.  Yes, I know it isn't a designer nursery, but Katie agreed it was very "Katie like" and mom and I are thrilled with the results.  The walls are a light khaki, the bedding is Bunny Meadow, which is sage green, khaki and brown on a white/creamy background. Adorable!  Since we finally found out Macy is a MACY, we added lots of pink to girl it up!

 Love the paper lanterns! Mom's idea, from the birthday party aisle at Hobby Lobby - great addition. :)

We had the curtains in there already from years ago when I lived there. I think they came from a yard sale! haha! The bunnies are too heavy on the mobile and they all face down with their butts up in the air, but it's kinda funny to watch.

AH's "Macy" banner that she made is over the book shelves.  Those are Beatrix Potter stacking boxes, super cute.  The registry book I made for the showers is the pink book in the middle shelf.  Cute? I think so!

The Macy lovee I bought the night we found out she was having a girl is on the changing table. :)

Peeking inside the crib, the big brown dog on the left is actually a backpack! AH bought that for the baby this Christmas.  The bunny is a lovee, the Cabbage Patch doll is Katie's from years ago.

Look at that adorable Sleep Sheep! Wendy got that for Macy, it plays soft sounds to help the baby sleep. It's so cute!  And the owl lovee - owls are all the rage, so now we know Macy will be on top of the trends.

On the far right, you'll see we removed the closet door. It was covered in stickers we couldn't remove, so we replaced it with this really girlie curtain.  Sheer white, with an overlay of pale colored ribbon streamers in pink, blue, yellow, and purple, with little flowers attached to the ribbons.  This also eliminated the problem of having two doors opening into each other.

OK OK, no more nursery photos! I'm sorry, I'm excited. :)  Katie went to the doctor yesterday and everything is looking good. Macy is growing at the appropriate rate, Katie is at a healthy weight and isn't as sick (although this week has been rough for some reason).  I hope things are going to level out and she'll have a good find trimester.

Thanks for the prayers, thanks for the support!  :)

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