Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meanie Usher Woman

I don't typically complain too much on this blog. I figure you hear enough about it in your everyday life. However, I will mention this issue here, mainly because I'm still fired up about it and I can.

Donna and I went to see "Bring It On" the musical. Loved it! So much energy - how on earth can these people sing while being flipped in the air is beyond me, but that's another story. 

Donna and I arrive early to the theater, hanging out int he lobby until the doors opened to the theater. We head in and find our seats - awesome balcony box seats with only six seats - and four of them weren't sold. SCORE! We have the box to ourselves. 

I pull out my phone, begin taking pictures, uploading them to Facebook, emailing my mom, typical "I'M-SO-EXCITED-AND-WANT-TO-TELL-EVERYONE" kind of stuff. We weren't being loud or disruptive. The lights were up and everyone was just milling about, finding their seats or doing like me. 

Someone grabs my shoulder from behind (volunteer usher) and says in my ear, "You ARE going to turn that phone off when the play begins, right?" I look over my shoulder and say - "Yes ma'am." "And you WILL NOT take pictures when the play begins, RIGHT?"  "No ma'am, of course not." 

Ok, I'm not sure what caused her to single me out for a schooling on proper theater etiquette, however, she didn't feel the need to teach this lesson to anyone else in the theater that night. Why am I getting lectured on what to do when it begins? We are stilling in a fully-lighted room waiting for it to begin. 

The more we thought about this, the madder we got. Oh. My. Gosh. I was pissed by the time the lights did go down. I won't mention the second lady who grabbed my shoulder in an effort to prepare me for the beginning of the show.  UM... THE SHOW HASN'T STARTED.  And get your dang hands off of me! I don't even know what I said to her through the red fury that was shooting from the top of my head. Which I do regret losing my temper. :(  OH well. 

I did try to find a manager, but he couldn't be found by another volunteer usher... so I sent my letter of frustration to the company today. I'll let you know if they contact me for more information. 

Here is the thing: what was it about me that made me set alarms off in her mind? Was it that I didn't have expensive clothes on? I don't wear make up? I have a Southern accent? I'm not polished?  I don't know but whatever it is, she quickly identified me as a problem student and she cast herself in the role of disciplinarian teacher.  She literally stood within touching distance of us anytime the lights were up. It was bizarre. 

But I'm still SOOOOO glad I got to go, see the theater, see BRING IT ON! And have an adventure with Donna. I miss Donna adventures. When you grow up, adventures seem to decrease. so truly, meanie usher can't make our adventure any less wonderfully special. :) 

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