Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Susan understands SAD

As usual, my heroine, SUSAN BRANCH, understands the Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or whatever it's called, I'm too lazy to look it up. Basically, as the days get shorter, my happy face gets droopier. This was apparent in the six day vacation from work last week, when storms started blowing through and my desire to clean my house began to diminish.

Even though I know we need the rain, my flowers and trees are begging for rain, the overcast gray skies just bring me down.  In Susan's Blog, she shows her cure - a light lamp.  Mine, I prefer something decorative and cutesy.  So I turn off the overhead lights and start turning on the lamps and glowy-things.

This would be a glowy-thing. A vine ball wrapped with white lights.  I spent part of my time off decorating for autumn and added the wreath.  I love the soft glow that just seems so warm and cozy.  I have light up twigs, mixed with real twigs that also make me very happy.  So basically I close all the curtains and ignore the fact that it's gloom and doom outside and make my little part of the world a bit cozier.

And because Tuesday felt like Monday, I think you need another picture of Muffin. Just because I want to. :)

One of her favorite places, sitting on the edge of the tub. She is such a sweet kitty. Ok, not really, but I love her anyway. :)

I'm so ready for fall and thankfully, we've had a break in the unbearably hot weather.  I'll admit, it was crisply cool last night, enough for me to wish for a light jacket. And this morning was a tad bit nippy. BUT, I'm loving it! Looking forward to the Beautiful leaves that will hopefully start changing colors just in time for my mountain trip with Gary. I want to do nothing but relax and look at beautiful scenery. :)

Speaking of beauty, please admire my very own roses, which I have grown myself!

Yes indeed, these came from the $5 clearance bin at Lowe's And they are loving my house, which makes me oh so very happy. These were taking just last week, so they are still blooming and being happy.

With all this now being shared, I believe I have spoken enough and it's time for me to head home and help dad peel pears for pear preserves. :)  His favorite. Have a great tail-end of the week!

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