Sunday, May 22, 2016

Where is the Wonder

Today at church we had an entire family baptized.  The father rededicated his life to God, the wife and four children were sprinkled and committed their lives to the Lord.  And as I watched the wife stand there, eyes closed and a huge  smile on her face, the preacher filled the palm of his hand with water and pour it over her head.  Her smile - it was radiant. Her children each stood still and had water sprinkled on their heads and she wiped her tears from her eyes as each one received the blessing of baptism.  It was then I realized she was experiencing this heart-filling sense of love and acceptance.  I envied her.

Later in the service, it was something that smacked me in the head - The God that I speak to today, that is by my side through every step, He is the very same God that protected Abraham and Sarah, that calmed the seas, that spit Jonah out of the whale, that provided manna and loaves & fishes. He hasn't changed a bit through all this time.  And while I've known He was the same God, I didn't FEEL it deep in my soul and today - I recognized it. I know, I know.  Where have I been all this time? :)

And this is what's on my mind on a Sunday night. 

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