Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Rules.

Since I have to get my food life in order, I thought I should get my financial life in order, too.  I've done the Dave Ramsey class.  It's good - really, it is.  I wish I had applied it to my life much more than I did, because I've lost my envelopes and I'm still not balancing my checkbook.

But here is my new way of thinking - both with foods and money:

Don't Eat It and
You Won't Have to Work It Off. 

Don't Spend It and
You Won't Have To Earn It Again. 

Does that make sense? If I leave the cheese off my sub sandwich, I don't have to work to burn those calories and fats!  I can use those banked baddies somewhere else that's more tasty.  OR I could just be good and I'll know the calories I'm burning are making me healthier! It is helping me say NO NO NO NO NO.  No to fats. No to chips.  No to chocolates... sorta. Can't say I'm doing great with this one.  No to soft drinks.  No to McDonald's tea (and this one is killing me).

Same with money.  If I don't spend it, I don't have to re-earn it.  I'll still have it from the first earning! NO to buying something for Macy that she doesn't really need.  No to random purchases because they are on clearance.  No to ... well, to whatever I was spending my money on.

And that's what I've been doing for the past few weeks, trying to look at something, and put it back. Or not touch it to begin with. Not saying it's fun, but saying it's OK and I'm somewhat managing it.(Until the weekend ... when I bought 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!!! pairs of shoes!!! Oh holy cow!! But for $240 or so... three pairs of Danskos! WHOA! Who knows when I'll wear all these shoes, but I'm tickled.  Heck, I may resell them if I find I never wear them.

Is this not the CUTEST photo you have ever seen? My dad and my niece at a family reunion. I just love it.  It's my new favorite photo of Mae Monkey. My dad got good news this week, too - he completed his bladder cancer check and it came back good! WHEW! Thank you, Lord, for taking care of my family like You do.  We are so so so thankful. 

And here is my sweet niece and me at her Muffins with Macy event at her preschool.  (It was actually Muffins with Mommy but her Mommy was in the middle of standardized testing in school, so there was no way she could get off from work).  She is such a sweetie, while also being the most stubborn person on the face of the earth.  I'm not sure if it will do her well in the future or get her in a ton of trouble... hahahaha.

I'm reviewing my sermon notes, just a random sermon, and written down the side of my notebook I have "Look at Jesus' Love."  It's bracketing these notes: 
  • Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 
  • The Lady at the well.
  • Let the children come to me for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.
  • On the cross - Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing.
While we were still sinners, - God's only Son died for us! 
Only when we see how desperately needing we are will we begin to understand God's love!
God's love is a self sacrificing love for people who deserve nothing.

Wow. Just a few notes, obviously random.  He was preaching from Romans 5: 1-11.  Now we are in Genesis, which I've really enjoyed.  It's always nice to start at the beginning and have that opportunity to see those stories you have grown up learning from an adult perspective. 

Ok, I'm thinking I've rambled on about randomness and should shut it down.  Giving thanks for all the blessings this week! :) Have a great one!

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  1. Yay on your dad's good report! That's so great!
    Stay out of the stores. That's how I avoid spending money. I just don't go shopping unless I'm going for something specific. Then I try to stick to my list. But shopping really isn't my thing, so that's easy. Food shopping? Now that's another story altogether. ;) You and Mae Monkey (Love that!) are so cute in that photo.


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