Friday, April 22, 2016

Blog Writer, Where Are You?

I'm here! I've not totally abandoned you! At least this time it's not because of medical drama that I've been slack. It's probably more due to the fact I've been seeing, enjoying family time and working more than plenty.

I'm crazy behind so let's start with Easter. Baby Sweet Niece very much enjoyed Easter and REALLY got into the Easter Bunny. Everything that happened was the EB playing tricks on her. Pretty hilarious. This lasted for weeks. 

The week after Easter, Macy had another eye appointment. This is where we expected "the surgery talk," so I went with Mom and Katie so I could take Macy somewhere to play while they had this serious discussion with the doctor. 

I waited in the lobby. When everyone came out I was confused. Tears shimmered in Mom's eyes. And then - surgery talk is off the table for the time being!! Her vision had improved with these special glasses and is just under the surgery threshold. Lord, thank you for that blessing!! 

Katie had to go back to work after lunch so Macy and I celebrated by visiting my alma mater. She loved it! 

Such a sweetie. She told her mama we went to a really fun town. Hahahaha

I have wanted pics with the beautiful pink trees for a while now... But didn't really have the funds for that. This year I asked two photographers whose work I greatly admire. One was $300 and one $125. And the $125 was closer, allowed more outfit changes, more time and was a daughter of a church member. SCORE! 

She really worked with Macy and I LOVE our portfolio. So many pics that I just adore. So thankful this worked out. 

This dress is one of Macy's "dress up" outfits but she insisted we take it. Don't you know it was the best color-wise?? Hahaha love it :)

I hoped her sister would be home but she wasn't. She's a teen now and it's harder and harder to catch up with her. I swear I haven't seen her in a month of Sundays! 

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