Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sloppy Joe? Or Manwich?

This weekend we didn't work (hooray!!) so I cooked, cleaned, washed, and rested. One of the meals I made was Sloppy Joes! I love sloppy joes hower, this seemed to be spiced tomato sauce in a can. No chunks. No lumps. So is this Manwich? What's the difference? Who knows. But it's pretty tasty and I'll be enjoying it in a few minutes. Even if it is chunkless. 

Four days, folks, and we'll be down one more election. Whew. Looking forward to it. Really looking forward to March when both of these are behind us! Hooray! 

Let me tell you about this sweet girl. She is very smart and very sensitive. Since my aunt Linda recently passed, she's been on edge. Very emotional but sweet. She gasped on the way home from church and said, "Aunt Linda is in heaven! She's going to miss Valentine's Day!" Well, today she "wrote" a letter to my grandmother in heaven (mom's mom) that let her know MawMaw was doing fine. So precious. 

We realize she has a unique personality. Maybe it's because her vision is so lacking? I know that sounds totally unrelated-I don't know. But please pray for her. Her eye situation is much more serious than I realized.  

We had our fair share of RAIN and then, we had a little snow and ice. (I swear, we always gotta have ice!). 

I got a serious hair whacking and I like it pretty good. Getting the weight off and the layers let my curls play! The top layer is really straight so chopping it short solved that problem! 

Ok this isn't my dog but seriously- isn't this hilarious!?! I thought so, too!! Hahahahah 

So on a more serious more, a few people I follow on Instagram have really been hitting it out of the park lately. One is a preacher and one just a very faithful lady. 

A few things that stand out: 
God sometimes uses adversity in our lives to help us focus on Him in a new way. 

God overcomes any seemingly impossible situation. His servants aren't always the most qualified. 

When walking through the valley, it's best to not do too much talking. You'll feel different soon  some things need only be spoken to Jesus - Christine Caine.   

Ok I'm off to get ready for work (this is another half finished post I'm wrapping up I the wee hours this morning). Have a great weekend!

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  1. Catching up. Do you know we averaged 18 calls a day before the primary? I wanted to throw my phone out the door. Instead I kept it close and hit the answer button, the end call button immediately. I know you're thankful March is here!

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It's amazing how littles process death in their minds. Working through loss is a hard thing for anyone.

    I hope the migraine vision is all that's bothering her eyes now.

    Good word! thanks for sharing.


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