Friday, July 17, 2015


It's FRIDAY! I want to spin around in an amazingly green field like Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music! But I want a better dress.

Ya'll I can't tell you how happppy I am that today is FRIDAY.  I'm not sure why, but yes, I'm so very happy about it.  My weekend is looking a little corn-y as the corn at Mom and Dad's house has come in.  We are doing an assembly line of shucking, silking, blanching, cutting and stuffing into bags.  Dad worked hard in this drought to keep the water on this crop, so I'm glad he's seeing a reward.

We celebrated my brother's 44th birthday last week.  All the family on our hill pitched in and got him a charcoal grill, which he was very excited about.  I give him mucho credit - he is an awesome chef. Seriously.  

Katie and I took Macy to Lunar Golf - basically putt putt under black lights - because when it's 99 degrees outside, you just can't do much in the way of playing outdoors and this kid has ENERGY.  Our concerns of her being afraid of the dark room proved to be needless as she ran allllll over the place, enjoying all the glowing things.  And enjoying running in general. So glad there weren't many people there.  

There's our two space aliens.  Macy did NOT want to be the green alien at all.  That crazy yellow hair kinda looks like her bedhead in the morning. HAHAHA

When I was invited to come play - and enjoy homemade tacos - I couldn't possible resist the drive to Gaffney! :)  Especially since Donna had just gotten home from her vacation in Washington State and Canada.  Looked so beautiful!  I'm envious. Ellie is a sweetheart and Daisy had to smile for us, too!

 And now, enjoy some random photos I haven't posted for ya'll yet.  Macy after church - just thought these bright colors were so cute on her. :)

 The new puppy at my sister's house.  Macy named it Sparkles but somehow it was changed to Daisy.  So yes, another Daisy pup in my life.
 The sweet nieces enjoying Dunkin' Donuts I surprised everyone with this week. I had a doctor's appointment and knew everyone had be working on corn.  I figured they needed a break and a happy snack.  It worked - they were very happy.

Yes, I have become the Crazy Cat Lady in the neighborhood.  In addition to the stray mama cat that I took in and she immediately became pregnant (and may be again?) - three of her four kittens are still with me.  Now this dude just shows up like he owns the place.  Add another huge orange cat that I see slinking around from time to time.  Like I said, the Crazy Cat Lady.

So someone asked how the doctor's appointment went.  Welll..... Not that you want THIS much detail, but I have been diagnosed with IBS. This isn't new, but I hadn't had a flare up since this time last year.  Over the fourth of July I had a rough go of it, didn't eat for two days, felt so nauseous, was just sick with pains moving all over my abdomen.  It wasn't a lot of fun.  I called my gastro doc to see if I could see him but he was on call at the hospital. And no, they wouldn't let me see another doctor.  If I wanted to see him, I would have to go to the ER.  I did that and still didn't get to see him. But I did have a CT scan and blood work that showed nothing was wrong. That's the deal with IBS.  You hurt for no reason, really. So, I had prayed they would find out what is wrong with me and I suppose they did! There is no "cure" just endurance when you get a flare up. SUCKS.

What else is happening in my world? I do need some prayers for my family.  My brother-in-law had a huge back surgery fusion in Dec 2014.  They told him last week is has to be completely undone and redone - major pain.  MAJOR pain. It was such a long surgery before and so incredibly painful. I hate feeling helpless and we all felt so helpless to make a difference for him.  We are all so upset it has to be repeated, so please pray for the doctors, for him and that he will heal properly this time.

My Dad will be having a stress test next week leading up to his knee surgery.  Once he passes the stress test, we'll be on go for the knee surgery, which he really needs.  He is also in a good bit of pain and it's been tough on him to not be able to go go go.  So please pray his stress test goes well, too!

I know, it seems like all this bad news! But we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. I try to remember this - ya'll help me remember. Keep telling me, ok?

Ok, thanks for joining in my read-a-long here. :) It's a joy to have ya'll visit. Hope you have a great weekend! *hugs* friends!

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  1. IBS? I hate that for you. But at least now you have a diagnosis and will be able to manage better. I love all the photos and catching up. I hope your Friday is all you wanted it to be plus more! Happy weekend!


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