Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Squeaky Clean Nap

Just woke up in the tub. Accidentally turned my relaxing bath into a nap! Not unusual, I often wake myself up with the sounds of my snoring echoing of the walls :)

I attempted soup tonight- it's cold, everyone is sick and it just felt right. I gotta say, it's ok. Not exciting but yummy in my tummy! With my incredibly crumbly cornbread. ;)

Last night didn't work out quite as well. I was so excited for the barbecue beef I'd tossed in the crock pot before leaving for work. Called mom, texted the b-i-l and had it arranged to feed everyone some BBQ beef. I walked in the house after work- smelled delicious! ... Until I discovered a meat paper/pad in the crock pot with the meat! I'd cooked it nine hours with my BBQ! Didn't trust it to be safe so it was all dumped and we had take out BBQ instead. :) Daddy to the rescue! Thanks Pop! 

Have you seen my stray kitten, Noelle, lately?  Isn't she beautiful? Tonight I was talking to the neighbor at the mailboxes and who came up grousing for her supper?! Sure enough, she came after me and got me moving so she could have her kibble. Cracked me up! What a clever kitten! 

Serious focus on crumbling crackers into soup she didn't eat. 

No new pics of the sweet nieces. They've had the crud for a while now and haven't felt like pictures. Baby sweet niece is in the terrible twos and wow, it can be impressive. But then she'll throw me a dozen kisses as I leave for work in the morning. Or say things like, "I like PawPaw a bunch."  Adorable! 

Since my bedtime is 10:00pm and it's pushing 11, I better get moving to bed. Night friends, and sweet dreams! 

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