Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Showered with Love!

Katie and Macy had their first shower this weekend from my Mom's family.  What a great turnout with so many wonderful gifts! She really received so many MUCH NEEDED items from the family and friends. So much pink, it was girlie-fabulous!

The fabulous name banner that AH made for her little sister!  It is incredibly cute and will be adorable hung over the crib.  Can you see that it spells Macy? :)

Cutie sleepers - one with a cat! :)  I haven't even seen all the adorable clothing she received. This girl should be the cutest dressed gal in the entire county! :)

Diapers and wipes, a new mommy's best friend, right? A travel changing pad, passies, toys, all the things a baby girl could want!

Speaking of diapers.... this huge box will last how long? And a box of wipes that is just a large. Thank Heavens!

 Katie, AH, and Angela looking at the scrapbook I made, waiting for the arrival of one new niece! :)

The bedding, Bunny Meadow, a gift from mom.  It is so precious and gender neutral in case the cardiologist ultrasound technician wasn't right about this being a girl!!

It was a battle of the babies, since children are nothing new in our family.  EB made it with "Aunt Donna" and Sister Beth.  So glad they made it! And she is just a beautiful girl.

Ellie Jean, my cousin Jason and Ashleigh's baby girl, is too cute for words, too.  She just looks like a baby doll and is so good natured.  Always a smile!

The boys weren't left out, either.  River and Rylan had plenty of ladies oooohhhhing and ahhhhhing over them!! This family is growing so quickly!

It's only fitting to close with a picture of the gorgeous cake.  So special. It isn't even my baby, but I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family!  They really do go all out to help start new homes, new families and new babies off right!

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