Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adorable Friendship!

A wonderful friend, one of the prayer peeps!, sent Katie the most beautiful hand-designed cards for Macy.  She is the owner of Leen Machine, which specializes is stationary products... mainly for brides.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she designed these cards with Macy in mind, since baby items aren't her norm. Which only makes them THAT much more special! How awesome is that!?!

The first one I saw was this - adorable retro baby buggy with Macy written right there on it.  I love the curved handle and the scallops across the top - she has a wonderful eye for detail.  I didn't tell you her name!  My friend, Paulene, the one and only, the amazing and wonderful and super special Paulene! 

The second - love this little clothes line with all pink clipped onto it. That's about right - pink pink pink! And her full name written on it, the cute monogrammed onesie... love it!!!! Adore it! She's so awesome.

I just had to share with you, too. I'm not sharing the note but that was the best part of all. Knowing people have Katie and Macy in their prayers on a regular basis, already loving this child and praying for her well-being!  It's beautiful. And this thoughtfulness was so touching. Thanks Paulene for being super special you!

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