Wednesday, January 18, 2017

From 9 to 77

Holy smokes, only in the south can you go from 9 degrees to 77 degrees in one week. Craziness?! But today was totally beautiful, driving with the windows down and music pumping. It just brought everything back to life for this one day. Tomorrow - we go back to 50s as a high. It's all good, it is January, after all. But I'm so thankful for this one awesome sunshiney day in the middle of winter. 

My drive into work this morning 

I have all this creativity in my head right now - it's almost stifling because I can't seem to pick one idea and run with it. Argh! I have some beautiful fabrics and can't make a final decision on which pattern to move forward with. Any ideas on how to choose one?! 

I did finally decide on this one. I need to put on the red border. Love this fabric but I almost had a panic attack when I cut it hahaha!! 

This sweet girl... (She's missing her glasses in this pic) but I hadn't seen her all week until yesterday. She was so excited! Hopped up into my arms and hugged, snuggled, nose squished, and showered me with love. Wow what a blessing. She can bring tears to my eyes with her sweetness. I'm so blessed. 

Love her! And her imagination. Her unique personality. Her smarts. And sass. Lol! 

With my early afternoon off today I ran by the store I sell my bib sets in and dropped off these Valentine's Day bibs. Cute!??! I thought so. I'm hoping someone else does, too, and buys a few. Sheesh. I keep wondering if this is the right path. 

Ok it's Friday night and here I am, squeezed into a love seat in my living room watching Shark Tank and wanting to throw things at my tv. Sometimes at the Sharks, sometimes at the presenters. 

So I'm going to go stretch my legs and I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

I originally posted this on my Pressed Clovers blog by accident. Oops! So it's a little out of date here. Sorry!   

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  1. I wondered where you were! Yes, the weather. Yes, she's adorable and knows how to make her aunt feel special. And yes, that quilt is gorgeous. I hope you get the binding done soon if you haven't already!


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