Tuesday, June 17, 2014

photo challenge pics

Y'all know I quit trying to take a photo everyday. There are only so many pics of the same drive into work that you want to see. But I do still take pics and enjoy sharing them here.

May 24:  Happy Birthday to my twin aunts that turned 60!! My mom is one of 12 and all are still living. Here are the 11 that showed up for the party :) my mom is towards the left behind Linda, in purple. From left to right: Ann Jimmy Frances Barbara Linda Brenda Mack Faye Gary Kathy Dot

May 25: The family had nursery duty at church and I snapped this pic of Macy. Sundays are rough on her because we are at church during her nap time. 

PawPaw promised her a tractor ride after lunch, but it ended up being after her nap! So this is what I found in my backyard. 

March 26: Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to those who gave their lives to protect our nation!  Macy enjoyed a "swim" and ice cream cone! 

Happy Birthday, Donna! We had a paint party for her 39th - so much fun!! We had options of what we wanted to paint. Brianne ( bottom right) and I were looking at the same pic and look how different our pictures are! 

My finished product. It now hangs in the craft room :). SC gals are all about the Palmetto tree and moon!!

June 1:  two beat grandparents and a sweet niece :) 

June 5: oh yes, shortly after this pic is a blurry one where she tried to touch me. That took some quick moving to avoid!! 

June 8: my sister's family went to the mountains and she sent me this. Love it!!! These two are so stinkin cute and sweet. Love love love 'em. And missed them like crazy while they were gone. 

June 11: a beautiful rainbow!! So pretty, it was cool driving home with this peeking in and out of view :)

Ok folks. It's been several long weeks in a row and it ain't over yet. I'll keep posting when I can!  Miss keeping up with y'all! 

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